Ship Services

Dijk Transport collects both solid and liquid waste and takes care of the proper disposal.
We are specialized in processing waste of ships and work together with all ship agencies on the island.

The maritime industry generates an excessive variety of wastes, like: food waste, broken crockery, crushed glass, cardboard, plastics, cooking oil, grease trap, sewage, oily sludge, etc. Dijk Transport takes care of the collection and transportation of these to the landfill and or recycling companies in order to prevent pollution.

We do business with major shipping agencies, such as:

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Oily Sludge Collection & Transportation

Oil sludge is one of the most significant liquid wastes and we have all the required equipment to safely collect and transport this.

Sewage collection & transportation

We are well known for the collection and transportation of sewage.

Wet & Dry garbage

Dijk Transport has the required equipment and resources to collect both wet and dry garbage.

Regular garbage

We transport regular garbage to our local landfill at Malpais.

Food waste

Food waste and used oil can also be collected by Dijk Transport.

Recycling Transportation

We transport various materials such as cardboard, concrete, metal and glass to recycling companies.

Forklift rental

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Regular garbage

In accordance with your needs, we organise domestic and international deliveries of collective.